Here you can find more information on what our procedure includes regarding your staff mobility for training or teaching.

1) Application at your home university

You can contact either the Administrative Erasmus+ Coordinators or the Departmental Erasmus+ Coordinator. If you are not sure which department to look at, feel free to send your inquiry to the Administrative Erasmus+ coordinators.
After the respective department approves your mobility program, we get the Agreement signed and stamped and issue an Invitation letter (should you require one).
Please make sure that you inform us if you will be realizing your mobility after the selection process at your home university concludes.
Note: If you decide to message the departmental coordinator first, please include our e-mail so we can have the information.

2) Before and during your mobility

Please make sure that you message us with your arrival date and tell us if you have found accommodation or need help with that. If you need any documents signed and stamped (apart from the Certificate) you can bring them to our office on the first or second day of your mobility period. We usually give the final documents (an original of the Invitation letter (if applicable), the Certificate and anything else you might need) on the last day of the mobility – for example: if your mobility starts on Monday and ends on a Friday you will receive all your documents on Friday.
For best administration of mobilities, we ask that you tell us what time and date you are planning to come to our office so we can ensure that your documents are ready and we are at the office.

3) After the mobility

If you like, after your mobility you can send us some photos or a short article regarding your stay at our University so we can include it on our website. We would also be grateful if you could fill in this form to share your experience. Thank you very much in advance!